Casino Games

All our professional croupiers are happy to explain the rules and help your guests throughout the evening with any of the tables you book. Below is a brief outline of each game.


The classic casino wheel of chance, where players bet to predict which number the spinning ball will drop into.

Payments are based on the bet placed and our croupier will advise on the options available.


Beat the dealer but don't go over 21 and you will get paid.

Blackjack is the most popular casino card game and is quick to learn.

Caution and daring can be rewarded or punished at the turn of a card.

Three Card Poker

A simple choice, do your three cards beat the dealer? If so, place the bet and await the outcome.

A side bet on the pair plus, could reward you even further if you have a qualifying hand.

Wheel Of Fortune

Once you have placed your bet the wheel spins, when the clacker stops the wheel are you the lucky winner?

Payout odds are determined by where you placed your bet. Win big or small or not at all, you decide on the level of risk.


Not seen in U.K. casinos Chuck-A-Luck is a popular dice game where the outcome is dependant on whether the three dice rolled, land on your number as singles, doubles or triples. Once the cage is spun your future is in the hands of Lady Luck.

Let 'em Ride

A modern version of poker with a twist.

Place three bets on the table and you get the option to remove two as yours and some of the dealers are revealed.

The final bet is left for the showdown, win or loose!


The true American casino game, with all the excitement in the hands of the shooter, win big or crap out.

With a variety of bets to place and odds to win, do you back the shooter? Or do you bet against them? Let the dealer and box man guide you through the excitement that is craps.

Five Card Poker

Place the ante, check your cards, are they worth the extra bet? Play or fold the choice is yours.

NOW, does the dealer qualify? If they do you could be onto a winner, but beware. Lady Luck can easily side with the house.


The game of the rich and famous, as played by James Bond himself.

Will the player or the bank be closer to 9? If you choose correctly, rewards will be yours, but stay away from charmin de fare.

Under & Over

A straight forward dice game. Depending on how the die land will decide your fate.

Bet high or low to build your stash.


The easiest card game, is your card higher or lower than the dealers?

Played by up to seven players at a time, do you win or loose? If your card matches the dealers you can choose to go to war to win big.

Ideal for children of all ages!

All of these casino tables are supplied with personalised fun money, professional croupier and prizes. In addition we can also supply;

Texas Hold 'em Tables

As seen on TV Texas Hold 'em is the most popular card game around. Book our tables for your own tournament supplied with chips and playing cards. A dealer is available for the final table at an additional cost if required.

Book more than 2 of our services to receive an extra discount.